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Justin's Interactive Search For His Knight In Shining Armor

Wow... it's a tough call... you said you're blonde, which is a major plus, but you're also over 40. While I don't want to rule you out as a potential "Knight In Shining Armor", I have to go with what I think is most likely to be my knight, or my country boy, or my whatever you want to call him.

Check out the rest of the site and if I still interest you, drop me a line. Remember, this section is not a search for my friends. I, and most of us, hopefully, have much different standards for what we find attractive in a mate and what we have as requirements for friendship.

So, just remember... this concludes this "Introductory Game"... but it hopefully doesn't conclude our interaction. It'd be great to hear from you, especially if you live in or around San Diego, Los Angeles, Kentucky, or Tennessee.

And who knows... maybe I was being hasty. Send me a picture if ya got one. ;-)

Drop me a line at justin @ justinslife.com

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