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Justin's Interactive Search For His Knight In Shining Armor
The Backstory
Back in 1995, I created a web page called "Justin's Interactive Red Headed Knight Search" Through a series of questions, I hoped to narrow in on the red headed guy of my dreams. I met a few interesting guys, including a few red heads, but I found a long term boyfriend, removed the search, and that was that.
The Current

I've since become single (after 4 years) and re-evaluated life to decide that there are a lot of really great guys out there who aren't red headed and who are definitely worth meeting for friendship and possibly more.

So now this has become "Justin's Interactive Search For His Knight In Shining Armor."

Don't get me a wrong; a cute red head can stop me dead in my tracks, but I've decided to widen my horizons just a bit. *grin*

Give the page a go and see... you never know where it might lead you!

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